The cloth they buy, the food they eat
the curses you hear, the people they meet
don't satisfy their basic needs

they may be richer in spirits
they may be quicker with kids
but they don't give
a thought to tomorrow


How can you do it, how can you be so...
crazy and wounding
why can't you see it, why can't you treat it so....-
cially constructed, colours splashed all over



All of the women and all of the men
all of the children and even a van
are doing the same
the same


they may be loving and generous
they may be coughing blood, blood!
but they don't ever
never ever ever
give a thought to tomorrow

How can you realize that whatever your doing
that whatever you're choosing...
you have to realize that the birds are singing
you have to indicate that the sun is shining
you have to integrate that the bombs are exploding
you have to feel inside how it feels when your dying BREAK



+langsam: and small brown, tiny

purple green and shiny hard, grey, hairy

yellow chairy + soft

schneller brizzling tizzling missing

kissing teasing _musing