Life Ja4cket


Mi 7.7.99 200 früh  Whistle Bristle?


Hanging anround, drinkin', smokin', joking, talkin'

funky horns, horny songs, solid staff

Bratascheii  - esuna
            scheiße Klana


in need of a life jacket, or a racket
in need of a ..... jacket, do ya think it's cold


Boom              dam dadaTata

Sschtooo ma   swanadaTa

Coming in at 8, swaying on till neit

looking at the harder stuff, workin's really tough

causin' real blood, - well that is really odd –

caus' no one intending, just pretending to be good


straight      1    2      3    4    5    1    2    3    4    5     noch 3x   + hart
                   in need of   a  life   in need of   a  life


®Break nur Rythm:  ½:  tri – tri – tri – tricky : ½
                        ain't that music,   ain't that live
                        ain't that easy,      ain't that waves


®Break  exploding, waves unloading, waves denoting

parts of drive

encoding, slaves unloading slaves, devoting

parts of life


in need of a jacket, do you think you like it

in need of a bracket, to clarify the vibes

    life – jacket, life – check it