irgendwo in Italien


R: Handy, handy, - bad sign, on line, no line

lending, lending feelings, feelings

tension creeping up sometime


1: Broken tension creeping up your back

Broken dreams are sweeping (a)long your neck

Broken, broken, broken, handy's on

2: Hidden borders, almost never crossed
Crossing circles sends the tension through your body
strings that keep you creeping through the crowd
strings that tie down the open space


3. Handy, Andy in your eye, eternal lie, why
Brandy, Wendy in your mouth, aus, aus
tension kicking up


4. and you smile when the kids don't want to go home
and you beat when the same kids don't leave you alone
and your soft, relaxed, in love
and you hurt, in vain, too tough
and you're so responsible
but you have no choice
responsible for credit, lifes,
politics and power, knifes....


4. ....are handy, handy lifes
control by handies
you have no choice
you have no choice
you have no choice
you have no voice
you have no choice
you have no voice, not even noise