(15.7.99 Zug, Mo Ed.-Glas.)




she asks you if it's first class
and he would be surprised
if you hit him through the eyes
still you believe there's no relief
in pushing it, in pushing it



I'd like to introduce mass

and they could be submised

to something blue note record never tries

still I mistrust this sweet disgust

of pushing it, pushing it



but you move on

stop moving, stop loving, stop crying for your freedom

stop worrying, stop borrowing, stop putting up some reason

stop pushing it, stop pushing it


Walking down the street, asking for advice

heading left to Central, for a place called Air

sireens are approaching, sun is going down

putting in citations, not waiting for the crown


going on like always

going on with ev'rything

even passing music, sick, quick, sick, quick quick quick

sick quick


stop moving