Night Watch1,   Night0 Touch


Mi. 7.7.99 Teviot Row –

appreciated: associations from Bindi Brook, Ricardo Montalban, Johnny be good (bad) Ottesen, Mike the horrible warrior Minionson, Jesper Larsund (?), Pernülle Thorup Adder, Mette Olufsen


1 (fragend)
why should I get an easy lay tonight
when will you realize you're bright

what does it mean to fill a light                      tight

where will they cross someone who's cried    'n' lied



careless caresses           mess up the night                – watch

stars, rain and light        gets you through the night – touch


2 (rauh)

models detecting         they 're not paid enough

models infecting the truth

words invading the blues

staggering, blubbering strips of air swap around

            ® zerbrochen, isoliert, ohne



careless caresses                     get you through the night  – watch

stars, rain and light       mess up the night               – touch



why I'm told it's a Danish movie,      not yet released

when I can't come up with anything, gosh, I'm pleased

bodies corpses, oil, massage                released, teased

                                               missed 'n' kissed


Träume, gebrochen, massakriert, ohne
careless caresses, night – watch,       stars, rain and light, night – touch
            Zweifel, zerstochen, isoliert, ohne
careless caresses, stars, rain and light